Processional Protocol - Order

We have received information from the LL Office regarding the order of procession being reversed (i.e. Mace, DL and Mayor etc. at the rear when entering the Church) from what we have arranged previously. With the recession the Mace, DL and Mayor first (out). Would appreciate receiving clarification ASAP so we have the correct order prior to the Civic Service being held on Sunday 18 September.

Just to confuse matters even more, we always processed with the Mayor and Consort, DL , Deputy Mayor and Consort and Town Clerk at the head of the procession, but they then pulled to one side at the Church door and when all the others were in, the front pew party came in last. They were then first out. I think that all this suggests is that local custom and practice have a part to play here.

Thank you for your additional insight.