1st anniversary of Ukraine war

Hello D
does anyone have an event planned for this please?

Wirral are planning to have a small ceremony at our Town Hall supported by the mayor. We are hoping to hold it by the flagpole, as it is an obvious place to gather (and we would need to check if the flag is to be lowered for the minute or not) we are planning to close the minute silence by playing the Ukrainian national anthem from our speaker. Afterwards we intend to invite a few Ukrainian guests into the mayor’s parlour for tea and biscuits.
Does anyone know what the flag protocol should be for this? I am consulting with police colleagues before confirming event as I am conscious that it could attract undesirable counter-protests from ‘pro-Russian, anti-Ukraine, cost of living groups, etc

At last we have the news release from Association Of Ukrainians in Great Britain. I have put it on the website homepage, under ‘News’ so you can read it and follow the link to events and ideas.

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