Advice for a Mayors cadet

Has anyone appointed a mayors cadet?
I have been asked to consider a request made to the newly elected mayor. I would be specifically interested in any protocols/procedures, pros and cons.
Thank you

Hi Kathrine, We appoint a Mayor’s cadet from different uniformed youth services from the start to the end of one Mayoral year. We have an initial meeting with the appointed cadet, their officer and the cadets family to explain the roles and responsibilities of the cadet, being
that their function is to attend with the town mayor in full uniform at civic and ceremonial occasions. They also have the opportunity to volunteer at our organised public events.
The pros are that they and their unit/organisation has a high profile for a year, also good for the cadet’s own CV! You do obviously have to be aware of safeguarding responsibilities. Having good communication with parents/carers is vital.
Also, keep in mind the role of the consort/mayoress when you have a cadet in attendance.

Hi Sue,
Thank you, this is really helpful.
Best wishes