Advice on forwarding information/email

Good afternoon all, could I have your thoughts please? We have received an email into the Mayor’s Parlour inbox, this is only accessed by staff, not the Mayor directly. The person has stated they don’t want a reply to their email (they have provided their name and address as they wanted to show they are a resident of the Borough and not anonymise their email). It is a contentious topic but I believe this person is purely getting their thoughts down on paper (and assuming the Mayor will see the email).

What would you do with this type of email to the Mayor please? Would you forward to your Mayor for information only (redacting all the personal information). Does your Civic office have a procedure in place for these types of emails please? I’d really appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!

Hi Ruth - in cases like this we would make the Mayor aware and forward to the correct Councillor with the specific responsibility, i.e. transport, children’s etc

Thank you Tracy. Much appreciated.