Aldermenship and Freemanship Criteria

I have been asked to investigate the criteria that other authorities use when appointing Aldermen and Freemanship.

At Exeter, to become an Alderman, all you need to have done is served on the Council for a Minimum of 12 years. For a Freeman its a bit more complicated in that you need to have meet at least one of the below Criteria

*We are looking for people with exemplary service, who: *

• For those who have extraordinarily served the community over a number of years (minimum of 20 years) in a voluntary or professional capacity;
• For those who have achieved national, international or world recognition for excellence in their particular field of expertise (be it business, entrepreneurial, sport, or any other area);
• For those who have promoted Exeter during their career so as to significantly raise the profile of the City on a national, international or world basis;
• For those who have via a particularly extraordinary act, or series of acts, put the safety or well-being of themselves secondary to those of others.

It is important that you give as much detail as possible about what your nominee has achieved which makes them stand out against others and make it clear if the achievement is in one area or in a number of different areas.

Be nice to know what other authorities do

Hi Emara

We use 16 years service to qualify for Alderman. Will have to do some digging re the Freedom of the borough criteria - its a rarity in my council!


Honorary Alderman
Our Criteria is as follows-
The appointment of Honorary Alderman is to confer recognition on previous Councillors who, over a period of time, have made a significant contribution to the Council in particular and public service.
Any person nominated must meet the following criteria:
a) No longer holds the position of Councillor
b) Must have served for a minimum of 20 years on the District/Borough Council
c) Must have rendered eminent services during their time on the District/Borough Council
d) Must have made significant contribution to the Council and the people it represents.