Alternatives to robes

I have a number of councillors who would like to investigate alternatives to wearing full robes and hats for Civic and Ceremonial occasions as they wish to modernise the perception of the Council with the community. Do any of you have experience of alternative styles/options - sashes have been suggested by my incoming Mayor (used by many of our continental twinned cities)? If so, could you share your experiences, pros/cons and details of your suppliers. Many thanks.

What we have started to do for out going Lord Mayors is to give them a medal with former Lord Mayor on it, this has saved me buying any more robes, i guess you could do this for elected members.

The supplier i use is MICHAELS CIVIC ROBES

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Does your council have a long history of wearing particular robes, are they particular colours because of references in historical records? If not a change of tradition probably has less impact on your council.

We allow them to wear smaller day chains with a suit or dress for most occasions and then full Chains and Robes for major events.

Like Teresa we have a “Day Chain” that is worn to most events and then the “Chain of Office” (big Chain) is worn when robed. We only robe the Lord Mayor for special occasions ie Full Council, Royal Visits, Major Events or twinning/school visits. 80% of the time they go out with the Day Chain. Prolongs the robes but also makes Robing them feel more special