Armed Forces Day - pre-election period

Similar to a previous question posted, but is anyone allowing the Mayor to have a photograph taken on Armed Force day (29th June 2024) in relation to pre-election guidance.

I’m minded to allow photographs of the Mayor, but not to put anything out until after 4th July - but would be grateful for any feedback as to how other authorities are managing this please.

Many thanks

We will, but then our Mayor isn’t standing for Parliament nor does he have a prominent role with a political party. You need to consider the individual/local circumstances.

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We are, but have issued the following guidance to everyone attending:

This is a public event and all councillors and members of the public are invited to attend. Parliamentary Candidates will not be formally invited, however are free to attend as members of the public. Councillors who are also Parliamentary Candidates are invited in their capacity as Borough Councillors only.
However, as we are currently in a pre-election period of political sensitivity, we will not be taking group photos, or publishing quotes.
The only official photograph that will be taken and published will be of the Mayor holding the flag before it is raised.

Thanks Clare - I think we’re going to go along the same lines, thanks again for your advice.

Hello Karen,

We are photographing the Mayor raising the flag only and no other part of the service here at Basingsoke & Deane.