Celebration of the Formation of a District Council

Does anyone have a process of celebrating the formation of District Council or Town Council they are happy to share. NK and Sleaford Town Council will be celebrating their 50th year. Sleaford Town Council will be hosting the Mayor Civic Service combined with their celebrations in April next year. We wondered as a District Council, what others have done to mark their anniversary formation. Any help would be really appreciated.

Ah, hello there - I am at Wealden District Council and would also be really interested to hear what others are planning for their 50th!

I’d too be interested in knowing of any plans as we have our 50th next year.

We are commissioning an embordered shield from Michaels (Logo Cloth) to hang in the Chairman’s Office to be unveiled on the anniversary and then having a summer picnic for staff in June.

Hope that helps


Thank you Pat.

Pat, how much approximately is this costing, presumably it will come out of the Civic Budget or have you enquired with your corporate management team how this will be funded? Thank you Clare

Hi Clare

I think the cost would be about £250-£300 but that will depend on the art work and wording you would require. For us this cost will is coming out of the Civic Budget.