Children's Mayor

Does your authority have a Children’s Mayor? If yes, 1) please kindly provide background and 2) what mechanisms are in place *.

Has your authority ever considered having a Children’s Mayor and not proceeded - what were the reasons for the decision?

  • Managed by Schools / Managed by Civic Office

  • Criteria to become a Children’s Mayor (Competition / Other - elected)

  • Types of engagements the Children’s Mayor attends

  • Children’s Mayor Protocols

  • Safeguarding / Consents

  • Supplier(s) of Children’s Robes / Regalia

Thank you

Hi Zoe - apologies for having missed your post. We have had a Junior Mayor in the past and this was at the personal request of the incoming Mayor. We have also had a Mayor decided to have a Mayor’s Cadet, but we don’t have them every year. It is more and more difficult due to safeguarding and privacy issues

Thank you Tracy, my Mayor has decided that they would like to introduce a Children’s Mayor when they step down from their year. Am currently in the process of writing a report so any background really helps.