Choice of Church for Civic Service

We have traditionally tried to rotate which local churches we use for our civic service each year taking into account any preferences of the incoming Mayor.
However, on an election year, when it is not certain who the Mayor might be , this proves challenging and it could mean a church booked in advance (which it needs to be done really for planning), is not one that the incoming Mayor is aligned too.
Does anyone else have this issue? And if so, how do you manage this?

Nikki, we have a requirement to attend Chichester Cathedral each year - it goes back to when the Council sold off the Mace and other regalia in the 19th Century (mercifully we got them back) but if a Mayor wanted to do a civic service at another local church there would be no issues, so in election year ie 2023, we are going to the Cathedral in February and will fix up another date with the incoming Mayor and then remind them of the other option. You might want to be adventurous and hold an open air service in a local park!

Rodney Duggua
Chichester City Council
Town Clerk