Civic Mace Cleaning

Hello All

I was wondering if anyone would know the best way to clean a gold plated mace.

Any suggestions would be great

Thank you, Georgia

Is it Gold plated or Silver gilt?
There is a difference but either way I would advise to have it professionally cleaned as both metals can easily tarnish and be damaged if the wrong materials are used.

Hi Georgia, and welcome.

Ours is silver gilt, but looks gold and I just wash it in very weak soapy water twice a year, and then polish with a dry cloth, I never put any cleaner of harsh chemicals on ours and it comes up great, i have been doing this for 20 years + with no issues.

Hello Angela and David

Thank you for your replies, it is much appreciated.
David thank you that is very helpful, I will try this out and then if it needs it I will seek professional cleaning.

Have a lovely weekend

Hi Georgia, our Mace is very old with some delicate pieces, we sought advice from a local auctioneer who passed us on to one of their experts. We were told to be very careful and in the first instance do as David has posted. If it needed more than that then we would go to the experts.

Hi Andrea

That’s brilliant thank you very much, I will certainly try that way first
Yes likewise ours is very old so would need to be as careful as possible and seek professional help if it would be necessary.

Thank you