Civic Regalia at Parish Council Level

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Please could you let me know if any Parish Council Chairman wear chains of office to an official event and/or Chairing Parish Council Meetings

Are there any rules.

Good morning Clare, I know some Parish Council’s have chains for their Chairman to be worn at meetings and events but we have 13 Parish Councils in our Borough and none of them have (I’m Clerk to two parishes and we do not have any). I have looked in the Civic Ceremonial book but cannot see any rules so believe it is up to each parish council and the level of community involvement they have (similar to Rotary Clubs etc)

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In Devon absolutely they do on both occasions. However, if it is another body’s event we would expect the invite to indicate whether civic regalia is to be worn or not. When attending an event in another parish we always ask the council if they are happy for our Mayor to wear the chain of office. Hope this helps.

Thank you, this is really interesting.

Hi Phiilip, thank you for your reply. We follow chain protocol for our District Chairman in that if its not a civic event in another area, we would apply for chain permission to attend an event in that district. But I am not aware of Parish Councillor Chairman having Chains of Office only those at County, District or Borough and Town Council Mayors, not Parish Councils.

All very interesting.

Hi Clare, I thought the same as you. We have quite a lot of parish councils here so I have sent a message out to them, once I get replies back I’ll let you know.

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Hi Clare, I’ve had quite a few responses back, the majority don’t have chains of office, there are a couple who only wear them at events such as Remembrance Sunday or meetings, and a couple have them but don’t wear them. Kathy

Thank you so much Kathy
This is really helpful
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