Cleaning of Civic Insignia

Hello all,

We are looking at getting our chains of office, badge of office etc. cleaned and some minor repairs being done on some, and so I was wondering if anyone had any contacts for this sort of work?

Also I am unsure of the protocols for when this is being done, as of course the chain will be unavailable for a period of time but the Mayor will still be attending engagements. I am assuming we would send the Mayor out with his Badge of Office in place of the chains, and then once the chains are returned then have the badge cleaned?

I would be thankful for any suggestions

Many thanks, Will

We use Fattorini’s in Birmingham -
They make our regalia/repair.
We deal with Donna who am sure can give you quote and timescales. It all does take a long time. We compared our latest work to another company of similar expertise and the same . It is always difficult finding a good time to be without - maybe over the summer when less happening. We are current getting work done to one of ours and we tend to get the Mayor to wear the Deputy Mayor’s chains. Hope that helps.

Thank you very much Susan, that’s very helpful I will contact them.

We deal with

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I’ve also used Vaughton’s in Birmingham if Fattorini’s are too busy

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We have used Gerard Collins and daughter Sarah at Precious Metals in Burnley.


Hi Will,

We used a local jewellers in Chesterfield who did a good job for us recently. It didn’t take them long and was reasonably priced. I’m happy to provide details if it’s local to you.


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Thank you Amy, please could you forward their details?

It was Stuart Bradley Ltd, 30 Burlington Street, Chesterfield, S40 1RR. Tel: 01246 222777, Email:

We use Vaughtons in Birmingham.

We recently had a jewel repair and refurbishment and they did an amazing job including removing scratches from the hand painted enamel. We have also used them in the past to repair the actual chain - Vaughtons are highly recommended.


Hello - our Suppliers page shows both Vaughtons and Hawksworth as providers of good service : Suppliers - National Association of Civic Officers (