Commonwealth Day - Monday, 11th March 2024

Hi all, if you have one flag pole, just wondered which flag authorities are flying on Monday for Commonwealth Day - Commonwealth flag or Union flag ?

Menheniot will be flying the Commonwealth flag (a few years ago, Bruno Peek was making a big thing about celebrating the day with speeches and music. We joined that for a while and purchased a flag. Nowadays, we just fly the flag and put a short background piece on our website to explain)

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Many thanks John, that was our intention too.

This is the guidance from the LGA

Commonwealth Day 2024 – reminder

This year Commonwealth Day is celebrated on 11 March and it’s the Commonwealth’s 75th anniversary year, and the Commonwealth Year of Youth.

Commonwealth Day is a ‘designated day’ – one on which the Union Flag must be flown on UK government department buildings. If there is a second flagpole, UK government departments are encouraged to fly the Commonwealth Flag, if they have one.

Many councils and other local organisations will have their own policy on the flying of flags, and may wish to follow suit.

If you are flying the Commonwealth Day flag on 11 March, you are welcome to post a photo on your social media and share with @UKinCW on X/twitter.


Hope that helps.


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