Digitalising Condolence Book

We were thinking of digitalising our condolence book where residents have written their comments for the Queen. and making available on our virtual museum. Residents added their name and their comments only and no other personal details.
However, someone has asked the question - would we be allowed to digitalise this due to GDPR?
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Hi Nikki - unless you specified at the time they signed the book that their information was going to be digitised, then I would suggest that you wouldn’t be able to publish personal information without their consent, which could include a name. If you keep the book in it’s hard copy form and people ask to view the book, then by signing it and knowing it was being kept as a public document this is different. Once digitised, then the information is open to wider, uncensored distribution. If you have a governance specialist within your authority, they may be better placed to advise

Thank you Tracy
That’s very helpful.