Flag Flying Protocol on the death of a past Mayor

Good morning, there seems to be some controversy about flag flying on the death of a past Mayor.

I believe that the council flag should be lowered on the day of the death until sunset on the day of the funeral. We do not have a council flag so we lower the Union Jack for the duration.

Is this correct or have I got it completely wrong?

I would be grateful for any guidance.

As far as I am aware, there is a flag flying protocol online which states when a Union flag on a civic/public building can be flown at half-mast & I am pretty certain it’s not on the passing of a Mayor. Your own town flag could be, but there is a strict protocol for a Union flag:

Occasions when the Union Flag to be flown at half-mast:-

 Announcement of the death of the Sovereign;
 Funeral of member of the Royal Family;
 Funeral of a foreign ruler (subject to special command of the Sovereign);
 Funeral of a Prime Minister (or e-ex PM) (subject to special command of the Sovereign).

Hi, I agree with Philip. Union flag should not be used for the passing of a former Mayor. There is strict protocol to be followed. If you do not have a town/borough/district flag then no other flag should be flown at half mast