Funerals of past Mayors

Does anyone know what the protocol is regarding current Mayors attending a former Mayor’s funeral. Is it obligatory and should be done, or is it a case by case depending on family wishes? Any advice is much appreciated.

Hi Minna

I think it is a case by case depending on the families wishes.



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You have to respect the family wishes some don’t want a fuss

We have always gone along with wishes of the family, definitely not obligatory.

Previous responders have answered your question well. There is absolutely NO protocol about current mayors attending former Mayor’s funerals. That would be presumptuous of a current Mayor to think so and possibly unwelcome. The family’s wishes are paramount. As Phil O’Brien used to say ’ The Mayor shouldn’t be the most important person at a funeral’.

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Hi I would like to thank everyone for their contributions.

We have always gone along with the wishes of the family, not set rules or protocol, we do allow for a robe to be placed on the coffin if the family asks, and the Lord Mayor to attend the funeral in their chains of office but again this is only if the family is happy.

I do like a good Phil O’Brien quote! :smiley: