Holocaust Memorial Day - request to fly council's flag at half-mast

We have received a request from the British Jews Board of Deputies via our local SACRE rep (Religious Education in Schools) inviting Councils to lower flags to half mast to commemorate the Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27. Has anyone else received this request and, if so, flying the council flag at half-mast ?

Hi Sarah

I have not heard of that request previously.


Hi Sarah,

i have never heard or seen this before, and have not received a request to do this

Hi Sarah

As part of our marking of Holocaust Memorial Day we fly our Town Council flag at half mast, although not because we have received any form of representation from any organisation but as part of our agreed way of showing our respects / support. We also have an electronic candle lit for 24 hours at the Town Hall, and the Mayor records a video for social media declaring our support for the day.

Hope that helps

Hi Sarah,

There is a guide on the HMDT website that provides guidance for local authorities -

This includes a number of actions including lowering your council’s flag to half-mast and hold a minute’s silence.

Flags will be flown at half-mast on council buildings in Test Valley as part of the Holocaust commemorations. Am not aware a request to do so has been receieved though.

Certainly, there are various practices, the Royal British Legion website says that this a day for the Union Flag to be flown. My definitive source is what comes out from the College of Arms, which usually has the caveat that public buildings = UK Government and local authorities may wish to conform as they did recently about the death of Pope Benedict. One of our Councillors lost her parents and many other family members in the Holocaust, she has not approached me, so I’ll have a gentle word with her. We also have District and County in chichester and always tempt to have a three way united stance on flags so I’ll also ask my oppos there.

Rodney Duggua, Town Clerk, Chichester City Council