Honorary Alderman Protocol

Does anyone have anything in their protocols for Alderman Selection stating how far back a proposal can go. We have been asked to consider someone who hasn’t been a Councillor for 10 years. We last conferred the honour in 2020 and this person wasn’t nominated then.

We don’t have any limit in our procedures for the time someone can be nomindated for honorary alderman/woman. I have recently spoken with the Leader about someone who hasn’t been a councillor since 2003 for example.

If you haven’t already seen it, look at page 170 of Civic Ceremonial ( copy on NACO website) - 'Each council … should have it’s own criteria for appointment of Hon Alderman". So, your council needs to come up with a set of criteria, agree it and then judge nominations against it . Appendix 27 of CC gives Nottingham City council’s criteria as an example.