Honouring Tradition but acknowledging the world we currently live in

Hello, I have been working as a PA to the Mayor for 3 months. We currently have a male mayor and female deputy. As International Women’s Day is coming up I have had several invitations for the deputy mayor to attend female only women’s day events (not the Mayor because people know he is male). The tradition / rules etc are that all invitations must go to the Mayor. How do other local authorities deal with this issue? Whilst I respect the roles and traditions of the Mayor being the first citizen and the deputy only being a stand in, how can we adjust the rules so that they do not prevent the deputy taking part in engagements for which she is more appropriate. In another year perhaps the situation might be that the deputy is disabled for example and is invited to attend a disability event . I know that they can attend in a Cllr role but it may be that the purpose of the event is to show what people can achieve if they are disabled and that a disabled deputy Mayor could be seen as an inspiration. The women only invitations are giving me a bit of a headache in this respect so I have tried to compromise by asking the permission of Mr Mayor for the invitation to be forwarded to the deputy. I’d love to hear if this is an issue for anyone else and how you deal with it.

Thank you, that makes sense. I didn’t realise not all areas have a deputy. It makes it sound very simple when you explain it like that.

Hello Maria,
just for clarity - all principal Councils ( Districts, Boroughs, Counties etc.) MUST appoint a Deputy mayor
In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972, sections 5(1) and 5(2) (section 24 for Wales), a principal Council must appoint a Deputy Mayor or Vice-Chairman from amongst its members. A member of the executive of a principal Council may not be elected as the Deputy Mayor or Vice-Chairman. Unless he or she resigns or becomes disqualified, they hold office until immediately after the election of a Chairman at
the next Annual Meeting of the Council. In London, the Mayor appoints their own Deputy.

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Thank you for that info.