Macebearer if Deputy Mayor chairs a meeting

Please can someone advise me if it protocol to use their macebearer and mace at a full council meeting if the Deputy Mayor chairs it?

I am sure we have done this on the very few occasions it has occurred. We extend the same dignities/courtesies to the Deputy Lord Mayor as we would the Lord Mayor, if he/she is standing in for an indisposed ‘principal’ in chairing Council.

Good morning, welcome Rickvan :slight_smile: yes the Mace should be used if the Deputy Mayor is officiating as it makes the meeting legal.

Hello, yes we would also extend the same courtesy to our Deputy Mayor as we would the Mayor in respect of Mace

The use of the Mace when a Deputy Mayor chairs Full Council would ultimately come down to local custom or tradition and there is no set protocol for this. It should also be noted that the use of the Mace at meetings of Full Council is not a legal requirement and not having the Mace at the meeting does not make the meeting illegal. There really is no law that states a Council Meeting is unlawful without the Mace in situ.