Mayor Making Reception

We are looking to review our Mayor Making reception, can anyone else let me know if they have a reception/buffet/dinner after Mayor Making, if so how much budget is set aside for this/


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Good morning Julie
We used to have a buffet for Mayor Making for a number of councillors and guests but over the past few years now just serve teas / coffees and cakes following the ceremony.

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Thank you for your reply Sandra, thats very helpful, can you let me know what your budget is?


Our outgoing Mayor hosts drinks after the Mayor making meeting with wine/crisps etc. This is paid for by the outgoing Mayor.

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Our incoming Mayor hosted a reception before Mayor Making and he paid for it himself.

We have not paid for the reception for the last couple of years as we felt it unfair to use the council budget for this type of event.

Thank you Tess, thats very helpful.


Thank you Caroline, the information is very helpful


We still do a civic reception after our Annual Meeting, with a two course buffet lunch, inviting all those that have been invited to the actual meeting, which includes winners of the civic awards and staff receiving a long service award. We are finding less and less people are staying for the reception afterwards but still catering for around 100 people. We have to pay venue costs for the whole meeting and reception afterwards, but our own caterers do the food and don’t charge the service (we are a unitary authority). It’s costs a couple of thousand to put it all on.

Thank you Michelle, that information is very helpful


Sorry, can you let me know which Council that you are an officer for, thanks

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Julie
Sorry for the delay in responding - approx £150

Approx £100 - £150 and is paid for by the Mayor.

Thank you , thats very helpful.