Mayor Making with no outgoing Mayor or Deputy in attendance

Bit of a random question here - has anyone had to run a mayor making event at which neither the outgoing mayor or the outgoing deputy mayor were present?

We have our annual ceremony booked in for next Wednesday. The outgoing Mayor is currently very poorly with Covid and the outgoing Deputy is on a prolonged break from duties due to ongoing health issues. If the worst happens and I have neither available to attend the meeting next week have any of you experienced a similar worst case scenario and how did you manage the meeting?

Did you get a former Mayor to be elected as temporary Chair to open the meeting, take the nominations for Mayor and then propose the vote of thanks to the outgoing Mayor, or did you take a different approach?

Any thoughts/ideas gratefully received - hopefully it will all be fine, but I just want to make sure I have a back up plan if needed.

Hi, we have had this before. Agreement was sought from all groups before the meeting on who was to be appointed chairman for the initial 5 minutes of the AGM until the new Mayor was sworn into office. We had a long serving councillor, who had been Mayor and one who was confident and accomplished at chairing meetings (read hand picked!!)

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