Mayoral Business Cards

Our Mayor has a business card, on it is the mayor’s parlour email address, the mayor’s parlour landline number and mobile phone.

Our Mayor wants to add his ‘Councillor’ mobile phone number; I have stated I don’t believe is appropriate as the 2 are separate (Mayor role, apolitical as we know, Cllr, well Cllr). He then advised well other Mayor’s do it.

Therefore my questions are please:
a) Does your Mayor have a business card
b) What is on the Mayor’s business card
c) The Mayor has a separate Councillor business card with his Cllr details.

This time around we’ve added the Mayor’s charity account number etc to allow for online charity donations but I am more interested in what phone numbers/emails are on the cards, if you have them please?

I have already received a response from a fellow West Midlands counterpart advising that on their Cllr business card they list their key roles, but the numbers and emails only relate to their Cllr role.

Could you advise please?

Thank you.


Our Mayor has a business card with the Mayoral office email & phone no. & a separate one as a councillor. This has been the protocol at Slough for as long as I can remember.

This also keeps their role as a councillor separate as the Mayor’s office does not deal with any business related to their councillor role.

Thanks Tess. Exactly our thoughts. It has been intimated ‘that other Mayor’s do have both’ so I’m really hoping I get a few more answers to help my case. Thank you very much.

Hi Ruth - in North East Lincolnshire, we replicate Slough. The Mayoral Business Card is essentially the contact details for the Civic Office. Not sure if they have individual business cards, due to costings etc

Thanks Tracy. Much appreciated. I’ve had a few responses and all are saying the same. Basically Mayoral is Mayoral only.


Good afternoon Ruth, at Stoke-on-Trent City Council, the Lord Mayor has business cards which have the office number and office email address (no personal numbers). We also include the charity information too (including a QR code to make a donation). The Lord Mayor does have a separate business card for his role as a councillor. Thanks

Thank you Lisa. This certainly seems to be a no-no, I really appreciate your response.


We use these details for our mayoral business cards that give contacts straight to our mayoral/civic office which helps to make sure that all enquiries and invitations come directly to us not via the Cllr so we can check engagement diaries and invitation suitability
Mayor of North Lincolnshire
Cllr Name

North Lincolnshire Council

Civic Office

Church Square House

30-40 High Street


North Lincolnshire, DN15 6NL

Tel 01724 296346

Wonderful, thank you Sarah. Much appreciated. Seems to be the general consensus. Definitely keep the 2 separate.


Hi Ruth, in Bradford the Lord Mayor’s business card only contains contact information for the Civic office landline, email and postal addresses.


Thank you Richard, that is most helpful and appreciated.

Kind regards