Mayoresses/Consorts - how many?!?

Hi all
Just some advice please? Have recently met with my M and DM elects.
The M E has requested a Mayoress and Consort. (Daughter and Son).
The DM E has stated his partner will be named as his Deputy Mayoress although unlikely to attend engagements, but would like 4 ‘supporters’ who will/may attend engagements with him. Could I have any thoughts or protocols or advice please?
Previously we had a Mayor who did name two consorts, and that worked fine, they took it in turns, but I feel a Deputy Mayoress and 4 ‘supporters’ is too excessive - plus, surely they would need to be named at AGM?? Also, I don’t believe the 4 supporters should received ‘past’ badges at the end of the term (especially as these are approx £300+

I am aware a previous Mayor of a neighbouring authority had his wife as his Mayoress then named his 2 younger daughters as ‘supporters’ who attended engagements with him when young people were the focus.

In addition, the DM Elect is going to become M the following year. Do you give an outgoing DM a past badge if they become Mayor the following year?? Looking at all costs. Would really appreciate any thoughts, thank you.


Several years ago we had a Mayor who named his wife as Mayoress, but also listed 6 close friends as consorts as his wife was unlikely to be able to attend most events. Our website, press releases etc just pictured him with the Mayoress, but mentioned that he may be accompanied to events by one of his consorts.

We agreed with him that we would provide a medal for the Mayoress, and if he wanted one for any of his consorts, he would need to pay himself (I think he paid for a medal for the consort who had attended most events with him, and got flowers for the others).

We don’t give badges to deputies at all.


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Thanks Becky, this is really helpful. I do like the idea of not given Deputy Mayor’s outgoing badges, especially if they become Mayor the following year.

Much appreciated.


Hello Ruth

We dont give out former Deputy Mayor badges, only giving badges out to Former Mayors, only because the DM traditionally becomes the new Mayor in the Town. We have had a couple former Mayors who didn’t have a partner so instead of naming a Mayoress / Consort they officially name anyone and took family members / friends with them to engagements where there may have been an interest e.g. a concert and the family member enjoyed live music. We don’t give out badges to former Mayoress / consort and its completely up to the outgoing Mayor if they want to recognise their Mayoress / Consort with a gift purchased by themselves.


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Hi Michael, thank you. This is really, really useful, especially in light of the current financial climate. Very much appreciated.

Kind regards


We do the same as this and have never given out badges to former Deputy Mayors.