Mayor's Handbook

Hi Everyone,

I’m about to start reviewing and updating our Mayor’s Handbook, which for a few reasons is now incorrect in places. Does anyone know if/where there is guidance on exactly what a Mayor’s handbook should contain?

Thank you!

Hi George
I wrote the one for Wigan and really there is no one size fits all.
I started with the history of the Mayoralty at Wigan, Twinning, Key Contracts, How to book the Mayor,
I tried to cover all the issues that I had dealt with in my time as Mayoral Secretary and it was a reference guide.
Send me your email and I will try and get a copy of the handbook for you.


Hello - I created my first Civic Handbook from researching others that had been published and tailoring it to fit the Civic Office here. Happy to forward a copy to you if you would like

Hi there Tracy, I would be really interested to see your copy if you would be happy to send to me. My email is I am in the process of looking into updating ours.
Kind regards

Hi Christine, I have seen these messages and would be very interested if you would be happy to send yours to me as am hoping to update ours by the end of year.
Kind regards

Thank you so much for all your replies and offers of help with this - if anyone is happy to share your handbooks then my email address is, any examples are greatly appreciated.


Hello George,
I wrote a Civic Handbooks: A best practice guide ( which is on the Resources page of the NACO website.
It’s a little old now but, having just had a quick look through, I think it still includes all the major topics and concerns. Feel free to download and amend at will.
Paul Millward