Mayors Robe for official portrait

Hi, has anyone had any issue about the Mayor refusing to wear the robe for their official photo or on other occasions?

We are looking into Civic Protocol/Policy as we have had a few occasions when one of our Civics who lives in another council area is asking/being asked to attend functions outside our area “solo” ie not with the respective Civics

We had a similar circumstance where a previous Civic Mayor wanted to visit hospitals outside of our boundary and we told them that it was not appropriate we have included the below in our Civic Protocol.

  1. Civic Invitations
    5.1 Public organisers of events may request the Civic Mayor to attend events. Duties which the Civic Mayor may carry out at such events include:
    a. Attending functions within Torbay, or on occasions outside the Bay, with prior agreement from the Head of Governance Support, as a Ceremonial Representative of the Council (Note: for events outside the Bay, the Civic Head from that area will be the lead figure head for the event, with Torbay’s Civic Mayor/Deputy Civic Mayor, being an invited guest);
    b. Undertaking official openings or presentations within Torbay on behalf of the Council; and
    c. Representing the Council during Royal visits to the town when requested by the Lord Lieutenant’s Office.

Regarding wearing robes it is there choice our protocol says:
11.3 The Civic Mayor may decide whether or not they wish to wear the robes throughout their term of office. If the Civic Mayor chooses to wear the robes of office during their term, they are only permitted to do so at the following ceremonial occasions:
thanks Teresa

Hi Teresa, thats very helpful, thank you