New Mayor Queries

Hi everyone, I’m new to the Mayoralty and this is my first year inducting a new Mayor. I have a couple of queries I would be very grateful for your advice on:

  1. Our Mayor Elect is an MBE. Would it be appropriate for her to wear her MBE badge when she is wearing her mayoral chains of office
  2. We have used ‘escort’ in the recent past, but both our Mayor and Deputy Mayor elect would rather use ‘consort’ for their respective partners. It has been suggested to me that this isn’t appropriate as ‘consort’ has Royal connotations. Do you have any advice on this?

Thanks very much for your help.

Hi Louise
I started the same job as you 18 months ago and it is a bit daunting. I was able to get most of my answers from our Mayors Handbook, not sure if you have one? We had a Mayor a few years ago who had the MBE and she wore it with the Mayoral chain. We have always used Consort as the word defining the Mayors partner/husband/wife, they even have their own badge which says Mayors consort. The word escort is only used for a Mayor who has no defined partner and is used for a friend or family member who may, with permission , escort them on certain official duties. The last Mayor had many different escorts for different events.
Hope that helps a bit!

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We let them decide what they want to call them consort or escort. thanks Teresa

Hello Louise - welcome to the Civic world and I hope you can find the help and support you need from NACO. At North East Lincolnshire Council, we’ve always used the word Consort when the Mayor or Deputy Mayor is female and their support for the year is male (and I’m aware of how that can be construed in more modern times). We elected our Mayor and Deputy Mayor last night and the Deputy Mayor (female) and her husband has been appointed as “Deputy Consort”. We’ve never been challenged on these phrases.

Hi Louise,

With regards the MBE badge, we have had 2 past Mayor’s who have both worn their MBE medals, and there hasn’t been any problem with that from other councillors.

In terms of Consort, we use that for male and female partners/ relatives etc. and then Mayoress as well if the Mayor or Deputy Mayor wishes.