Queen's Platinum Jubilee Flag

Good afternoon all

Has your authority purchased a flag for the Platinum Jubilee - if so, what date do you intend to raise the flag and how long will you fly it for.


We have not and I don’t believe we will, but we will fly the Union Jack, or Union Flag depending on how you like to address it.

We have not brought a flag but would be interested to know which one people are buying?

Hi Louise, Basingstoke and Deane have purchased the Platinum Jubilee flag and will be raising at sunrise on Thursday 2 June and lowering at sunset on Sunday 5 June.

We have purchased the white flag with purple Platinum Jubilee emblem: https://www.hampshireflag.co.uk/Dedicated/queens-platinum-jubilee-union-flag.htm?design=3


I have been asked about this a number of times recently and here is what I have said to others, which I hope might be useful.

If you buy a flag, look for every opportunity to fly it - Platinum Jubilee year began on 6 February and there won’t be flag police patrolling the land telling you not to fly it.

However they do say that that familiarity breeds contempt, so you might want to be more selective than every day for the year. The obvious top choice is the Jubilee Bank Holiday 2-5 June, with Beacon Lighting, Big Lunch, street parties etc going on.

Do consider though if you could lend the flag to organisations in the area that are having celebratory events. Ask them to tell you the date and nature of the event - perhaps they will invite the Mayor, who can deliver the flag to promote the event. Scout groups, pre-service cadets and schools often have flag poles, but if they don’t it could be displayed on a large blank wall.

Basically fly the flag as much and as often as possible - the Jubilee is a godsend to restore civic pride after so many civic offices have been suppressed by Covid restrictions.