Remembrance Day Indoor Services

Barry Town Council has (apart from Covid Years) has always held a indoor service following the parade and outdoor service at the Cenotaph. Do other Councils hold these Indoor Services ? and do you pay for hire of the venue? Can you ball park how much you are charged?

We hold a short service every year on the 11th (Armistice Day) inside the Town Hall and there is no cost.

The main service and parade on the Remembrance Sunday is held outside and this costs a lot of money

Hi Amanda. We just hold one outside Service at our Cenotaph followed by a small reception for our guests back at the Guildhall which we own so there is no cost for hire - if we were to charge ourselves it would be about £200+VAT for an hour and half reception.

Our Remembrance Service costings isnt too bad. We only pay for the printing of the OOS - although we have done down the QR route where people can download the OOS, so we dont print as many; and the cost of the PA System. Our First Aid is kindly covered by St John’s Ambulance. Oh and of course the refreshments for the VIP reception.

We dont organise the Armistice Day Service - this is currently arranged by the Devon & Dorset Association - but we do send the Lord Mayor to attend

hope this helps :smile:

Hi Amanda, Our service is outside (incl wet weather!). We have a parade from the Town Hall and back but we no longer have a reception as the Town Hall is open on Sundays for registrars and weddings too. Our costs are mainly now for the order of service programme, pa system and wreaths but the organisation of TMO’s, band, parade participants etc etc is still as big as it ever was!

Hi Amanda,

We have a parade with army and uniformed orgs like cadets with a small outdoor service at the war memorial. Then those who wish to move on to a Church service at the parish church. Our costs for Remembrance are quite high, as we need to close a few roads for the parade, we hire in marshals to act as security (due to the army presence and road closures) and a PA system, barriers and radios. All in it comes in at about 5k, but thankfully the Church then pay for the indoor service.