Remembrance Parade - who goes first!

Good afternoon all. I am fully aware of the RBL protocol of who lays wreaths first, have had guidance from the Lieutenancy etc - but this is a slightly different one - whilst appreciating the parade commander will make the decision on the day - but who would lay a wreath first out of the following two please?

Would the MP lay a wreath before the Councillor who is the Town Lead for that Town please? (our Town Leads are as it says, the lead councillor for the wards that fall within that town). If anyone is able to give me an answer by tomorrow lunchtime, I would be extremely grateful as I have been asked to clarify by my Cabinet Member. Thank you SO much.

In Slough it’s Mayor, CE, MP, so I would say that MP would go before the Town Lead as the MP represents the whole of the town and not individual wards.

Thank you Tess. My thoughts too. Much appreciated.