Retiring a Mayoral chain and badge of office

Hi, our Town Council has a very old chain and badge of office dating back to 1892. It is regularly worn by each Mayor but it is becoming fragile with more and more repairs being required.
Could I please ask if anyone else has found themselves in this position? Has anyone retired a chain of office and purchased a new one? If you have, how old was your chain when you did this? I am currently making enquiries with Fattorini and Vaughtons to explore my options, does anyone use anyone else that might be worth me contacting?
Many thanks

Hi Nikki
We use Ged Collins for all our insignia. We’ve not had any new chains commissioned, but I am sure it is something Ged would be able to do for you. Good luck.

KIrklees Council

Thanks Sally, always good to have another contact.

Hi Nikki
We too are in a similar position although ours is not quite so old! ours dates back to 1974 and is getting very heavy and we cannot source the individual discs that are engraved each year with the Mayor’s Name & date. We are therefor looking to retire ours and use the existing badge with a new chain. I have recently used Vaughtons to purchase a new chain of office for our Deputy Mayor’s Consort and found them very good so will look to them first. However, I would be interested to investigate other companies just in case.
Many thanks
Stowmarket Town Council