The Mayor's Role during Purdah

I am looking for guidance regarding the Mayor’s role during purdah.
What can the Mayor do or cannot do during this time? For example, can the Mayor still attend engagements wearing the mayoral Chain/Badge?
Our Mayor is not the Chair of the Council.

Hi Kim - the role is a-political anyway but no resources or assets of the Civic Office can be used to gain a political advantage. Mayoral events can still go ahead with wearing of chains of office

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Thank you Tracy for your advice.

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Does this include those Mayors who are up for re-election to their council seats?

Hi Caroline - that would require a little more caution about the type of event they are attending (e.g. nothing political at all) and how it was managed with publicity. While we as Civic Officers can separate a Mayor from being a Councillor, sometimes they may struggle and need more guidance. If in doubt, don’t attend

Thanks Tracy for the clarification.